Are You Anxiety Aware? Come, de-clutter with us.

About an ongoing psycho-education and therapeutic support group for anxiety.


Psychotherapy, Counseling, Dear Zindagi and more..

An insight oriented psychotherapist by profession for over 10 years, and someone who's been on the receiving end of therapy sporadically over the last 15 years, with the recent release of 'Dear Zindagi', here's my take on the way psychotherapy is portrayed in some movies and TV shows: (for more info on these, click on … Continue reading Psychotherapy, Counseling, Dear Zindagi and more..

Anxiety related bodily problems

While some of us may be unaware of the connection between feelings of helplessness we experience day to day, and the resultant anxiety to that with our anxiety headaches, indigestion, loose motions, heart palpitations, etc.,  in which our body reacts, some are a bit too aware and analytical about it. Anxiety symptoms, are symptoms. Not … Continue reading Anxiety related bodily problems

What Are You Storing in Your Memory Bank??

In course of a therapy session when I ask an individual to recall an incident or event from their life, different people recall different specifics. Some focus on what the event conveyed- the meaning specific to them, how they felt or how the event visually appeared to be..   But is that all that our … Continue reading What Are You Storing in Your Memory Bank??