Anxiety related bodily problems

While some of us may be unaware of the connection between feelings of helplessness we experience day to day, and the resultant anxiety to that with our anxiety headaches, indigestion, loose motions, heart palpitations, etc.,  in which our body reacts, some are a bit too aware and analytical about it.

Anxiety symptoms, are symptoms. Not problems. And our attention is required at these little annoyances and discomforts only to help us lead the way to these problems. These problems need, require, our attention. It helps to remember this from time to time.. Problems need solving- symptoms are only signals! If we only hear our heart beating fast, feel restless, sweaty without known reason, shortness of breath due to some worry, it’s time to pause.. attend to these.. trace the problem.. And acknowledge it from within.

Road less travelled – the book, talks about it. So does the Johnny Depp movie Alice in Wonderland, albeit in metaphors.

Look underneath those bodily symptoms, find your real pain.. The outcome may not be one of feeling overjoyed, but can simply be freeing.

Love & Best wishes,