Hello everyone, to share a little about me…

Below is a little about my educational qualifications, practice experience and kinds of work associations to give you a better idea professionally-

I’m Kunjal Shah, a practicing Psychotherapist & Counselling Psychologist over 10 yrs (since Feb 2006). My chief work base is in Mumbai, India. My Formal education includes a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Psychology and a Professional Master’s Degree in Psychotherapy & Counseling. From the more recent trainings, I’m also a trained ISP (Integral Somatic Psychology) practitioner. Informally- nature, life experience, meditation, resource counseling and generous psychologist trainers and authors continue to teach. Dr. Raja Selvam (Trauma Vidya), Sadia Raval (Inner Space), Mimansa Popat (Mumbai), Natasha Nair (Delhi), Mukul Joshi (as a teacher when he was in Mumbai), Dr. Save (Borivali), my peers (Inner Space, from IPMS, from ISP), clients’ journeys; my family, and friends have a huge role to play in having shaped my work and current level of resourcefulness.

The counseling practice employs an eclectic insight oriented approach- with the Present in focus. ‘Transference’ based psychodynamic psychotherapy is practised, allowing focus on the process and the root of things rather than a superficial temporary solution, in conjunction with CBT, Mindfulness approach and ISP. This process, is for any individual, in coping with, and discovering a renewed sense and meaning of their anxieties- however big or small. While I’ve largely worked with people across all ages (from ages 4 to 73 to be precise), currently I’m working only with adults, from age 20 onwards. I have had the privilege to work with different kinds of settings-  slum setting, educational institutions, corporate and private practice largely catering to self referred adults or referred by Psychiatrists or NGOs. Touching Lives, Don Bosco Centre for Learning (Kurla), INpsyGHT, Inner Space, Kranti, are some work spaces I’ve directly/indirectly been a part of. Talk, art, body psychotherapy, bibliotherapy and meditation, are the mediums I use in my therapeutic practice.

Apart from individual counseling for adults- resource counseling for psychologists and counselors; group facilitation; cine & bibliotherapy; and art therapy workshops are other services offered.

Here’s a visual reference for you –


Sattva full inner room

Psychdom India” blog hopes to share ideas and tips, from the land of psychology, spirituality and philosophy, for your joy, awareness Art Therapyand insight.

You can contact me via email : appointment.kunjal@gmail.com or through the form provided in the ‘Contact Me’ page.

Best wishes,
Kunjal Shah
Psychotherapist & Counseling Psychologist
Clinic/center locations apart from Skype accessed Counseling:
Sattva (Private Practice):
28-B Neminath CHS, Nehru Rd., Vile Parle East.
Landmark: Rama Krishna Shabri Hotel.
(appointments only)
Inner Space Counseling & Assessment Centre:
40, 1st flr., Evershine Mall, Link Rd., Malad West.
(appointments only)
For appointments, contact:
– – –

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