Selfish vs Selfless ?

“Should one be selfish and their ‘good’ lies in it? But what if they hurt other people who are close? What should the priorities be? And what about the social and spiritual sense of things – – shouldn’t one be selfless and loving, giving?”

In an intuitive sense, most people seem to know what to do without having a moral dilemma- at least such a dilemma is not an everyday phenomenon for many. So this is for those tough moments, the ones before decision making and the hindsight ones we catch ourselves in at times:

(A quote by Rev Chariji referring to his Guru (Master), Revered Babuji Maharaj)

“My Master used to say that there are two duties every human being has – One has to, himself or herself, achieve self-development to the highest possible level, and the other is service to the society as His devotee. Obviously the second one can result in perfection only as the first one moves towards perfection.”

I hope this helps. Deep inside we may know, what is healthy and development oriented in any form, field in our life If not, learning how to tune in to see the difference between thought, impulse and the voice of heart helps weed out the inner conflicts and stress sources, to reach an integrated oneness.